This department is the latest axis of our development and focusses on engineering, enabling the creation of complex mechanisms and machinery used in many multimedia shows and events. In the case of a long-term project, these machines are sold to our customers, who carry out prior training with our engineers.


With the mechanics side of things, we design scenic machinery and equipment that enable dynamic staging and innovative shows.
From the design office to our specialised workshop, our engineers design solutions adapted to meet your technical and operational constraints.

A matter of success

scenic machinery by Crystal Group
engineers of Crystal Group


Our engineers work in perfect collaboration with our artists and support teams in the study and creation of mechanical and automated solutions that make your dreams into reality. We harness our knowledge of water and the marine environment to excel in the design of machinery dedicated to aquatic shows.
Plans and methods of execution are designed in the laboratory, while all technical production is carried out in our workshop.

Art meets engineering


Our assisted design tools, technical equipment and testing facilities
(test tanks) enable us to create, design, test and produce reliable machines that meet your exact specifications.

Art meets mechanics

test by Crystal Group

Matière à réflexion


Discover our projects, to which our Mechanics department has devoted all its expertise to ensure the successful realisation of multimedia shows, and both permanent and temporary events. We create machinery for theme parks, artistic shows, circuses, event displays and more.