The power of fire marries beautifully with other matters to create magical moments that are filled with emotions. Flames, a sea of fire and pyrotechnic effects are the types of matter we combine with water, ice and other materials to form unique combinations.


Fire dazzles our senses and takes us to magical new worlds. Flames, smoke, wind, snow, rain... we master the elements of nature to give unprecedented character to your event. We create special effects for permanent shows (e.g. amusement parks), as well as temporary and unique events. Colour, light, explosions... we weave a stunning array of elements into our staging.

A matter of wonder

Flames, smoke, wind, snow, rain by Crystal Group
Flames by Crystal Group


Our engineers and technicians master the most modern techniques as they design shows and events with musical synchronisation and pyrotechnic displays. We create the entire storyboard upstream to help in visualising the rendered special effects and staging. We work with reliable and innovative technical mediums.

Art meets mastery


Whatever the scope of your project, we harness our creative force to adapt the very best of our special effects: flames, crackling sparks, star showers... Thanks to the combination of all the matters we master, we are able to design shows in their entirety and, of course, in complete safely.

Art meets creation

event by Crystal Group

Matière à réflexion


Explore our projects, in which special effects ensure each of our clients a custom-made show and multidisciplinary masterpieces. Every single one of the projects entrusted to us are carried out by our qualified technicians in conditions of optimal safety and security.