Crystal Group revolves around your projects, shows and events. We work with your organisational, locational and temporal constraints to implement an entire creation and manufacturing process that is both efficient and effective.

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Creator of events and aesthetic emotions

Crystal Group specialises in the creation of international events
Events which all share one thing in common: matter. We tame water, carve ice and shape snow. We master motion and engineering, imagine custom decorations, and control fire and special effects. Harnessing our expertise, our goal is to provoke real aesthetic emotions. Whether for a temporary or permanent project, we take action to overcome multiple issues. Our main clients include production companies, local authorities, event agencies, caterers, artists, architecture firms, hotel groups, real estate developers, tourist sites (amusement parks, monuments ...).

« If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all. »


Combining technology and art

We like to define ourselves as artist craftsmen.  This approach is embodied by the managing director, who is also the artistic and technical director of Crystal Group: Michel Amann. Michel is a creative engineer and began his career as an ice sculptor. His thirst for innovation led him to invent his own machines and devices. In 1998, he brought together experts and artists to create Crystal Group. Since then, the search for ever more reliable materials and innovative processes has led to the creation of the group's five key focuses: ice, water, décor, special effects and engineering.

Michel Amann, directeur général et directeur technique de Crystal Group


over the years, the group's matters have expanded


For more than 10 years, Crystal Group has enjoyed an international presence.

Carte : Crystal Groupe dans le monde

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