The transformation chain

With more than 7,000 m² of building space, Crystal Group has the organisational and human capacities to meet all your needs. A team of 50 internal staff is divided between the laboratory, workshop and office.


R&D in Crystal Group

Tamed matter

Crystal Group designates a large part of its annual turnover to R&D in its laboratory. The constraints of every material are studied and assimilated by our technicians, engineers and artists. We have achieved major innovations in the field of multimedia and event entertainment: robotic water jets, complex machineries, frost decorations, large-scale water curtains...

« Art hides study under the semblance of nature.»

Carlo Goldoni


Transformed matter

The place of production and manufacturing for all our projects and the heart of our transformation chain. Our integrated, semi-industrial methods and means of production make us reliable, modern and cost-conscious artist craftsmen.

Organisation - Crystal Group


Crystal Group - event

Organised matter

Crystal Group was created around an efficient and complementary duo: Michel Amann, managing director responsible for the technical and artistic side, and Clarisse Helleringer, managing director in charge of administrative and financial management. Each department is headed by a single manager like Clarisse, who also looks after the Ice department. The strong organisation within our office ensures effective management of our projects.