At the heart of our strategy

We are attentive to the direction we give Crystal Group.
We know where we want to go and we want to do it in the best possible way.
That's why we defend certain values on an everyday basis.


Overcoming the constraints imposed on us by reality in order to transform it is what creativity is all about. That's what we are all about. Matter is tamed into reliability in order to enhance your events.

« Every great work of art is the fruit of deep humility. »

Valéry Larbaud


We constantly question ourselves in order to ensure our continued innovation and progress. Our 20 years of experience are enriched by each new project and success.


We take the time to fully understand our materials. Taming them to perfection requires investment. This investment allows us to be highly reactive in all projects because the transformed matter holds no more secrets for us.


A true motor, passion guides us through all the missions entrusted to us. Only this passion allows to continue as an alert and creative force.

« One must have passion for their art, we only do well what we love. »

Anatole France


Both the craftsman and the artist have a thirst for innovation. This perpetual quest, along with our explorations into the matter we use, form the very foundations of Crystal Group. We push our limits to offer tailor-made projects.